Post Audit

Williams & Associates, Inc. provides freight post-audit in addition to freight bill pre-audit and payment.


Post-Audit Services

  • Freight bills audited for overcharges.
  • Claims filed and handled completely by us in your name.
  • Report provided by claim number and amount we anticipate recovering.
  • Refund checks from carrier payable to you.
  • All you pay is a percentage of the amount recovered.

What’s needed from you

  • Freight bills whose dates fall within the Statute of Limitations:
    – Rail: Generally 3 years from date of delivery.
    – Truck: 180 days from date of freight bill.
    – Air Freight: 6 months from date of delivery.
  • Your carrier pricing agreements (tariff pages, contracts, “pricing” letters, quotes, etc.).
  • Bill-of-lading, invoices, or other documents, if needed to support a claim.