Williams & Associates, Inc. can reduce your freight cost by providing transportation consulting, logistics services, freight transportation software solutions, logistics consulting, site location analysis, traffic management and freight routing.

  • Diagnostic Transportation Evaluation – We identify opportunities to reduce expense¬†and improve service. Process involves interviews, questionnaires, and document review.
    – Carrier Contract Negotiation:All modes, domestic and international
    – Complete RFP (bid) process coordination
    – Customized contract development
  • FOB and freight term analysis.
  • Determination of classification description on all commodities and development of
    client-specific bills of lading.
  • Representation of clients in rate or classification matters before classification
    committees or regulatory agencies.
  • Preparation of chargeback recommendations to clients, when improper routings
    result in excessive freight charges.
  • Advice to clients concerning freight rate increases or changes in commodity
  • Audit of vendor invoices that include transportation charges.
  • Rate quotations.
  • Filing and collection of claims for freight lost or damaged in transit.
  • Site location analysis (utilizing our rating and/or consolidation software).
  • Logistics and Transportation Strategy Planning.
  • Logistics Procedure Development.
  • Client-specific Workshops and Seminars.