Freight Claims

Williams & Associates, Inc. will file and collect your loss and damage claims and overcharge claims. We will file your cargo claims, provide freight claims management and freight claims reporting. Contact to request a meeting and discuss our loss and damage filing and reporting services.


Claim Services

  • Flat fee for claim filing and collection.
  • Collect all needed documents.
  • Determine validity of claims.
  • Provide copies of filed claim to customers.
  • Monitor and collect all claims.
  • Excellent relationship with carriers.
  • Experienced professional staff.
  • Smooth interface with any department of your company.

Proof of Delivery Services

  • Fast response to invalid customer deductions. Documents can be faxed to us for quicker turnaround time.
  • Requests for POD’s are faxed to carrier.
  • Responses are faxed to customer.
  • Smooth interface with Transportation or Accounting departments.

Management Reports

  • List of Outstanding Claims
  • Paid and Cancelled Claims
  • Claim History by Carrier or Location
  • Product Analysis Reporting
  • Aging Reports by Carrier
  • All reports are available on our website and can be downloaded in a variety of formats.