Freight Payment

Williams & Associates, Inc. is a quality provider of freight payment and management reporting, EDI freight payment, freight auditing, and electronic interchange of freight reporting and reports.



  • State-of-the-art EDI technology and experienced EDI staff.
  • Paperless carrier invoicing using an EDI transaction set, flat file upload or our carrier web invoicing module.
  • Experienced professional pre-audit staff for all modes, domestic and international.
  • Dedicated auditors and account clerk assigned to each client.
  • On-line duplicate payment protection by freight bill, bill of lading, purchase order or any other data element.
  • Multiple splits or account allocation per bill.
  • Customized design of data elements captured. No limits to the fields that can be captured.
  • International audit and payment in multiple currencies.
  • Small package line-item detail audit and reporting on service levels, accessorials, address corrections and incentive discounts.
  • All accessorial charges, duties and foreign taxes are captured.
  • Freight accrual capability.
  • On-line verification of valid carriers, payees, accounts, etc.
  • Imaging of exception items, or all paper invoices. Images are viewable on our website.
  • Capable of interface with client’s order entry and purchase order systems.
  • Client and carrier have web access to payment status, check number, and remit detail. Carrier can download this information electronically and update their accounting systems.
  • Carrier payment aging based on client payment terms.
  • Individualized client check stock–no commingling of payments. Client weekly and monthly close days based on client’s accounting calendar.


  • Carrier overcharges corrected before payment.
  • Client labor and administrative costs are reduced.
  • Client transportation staff will have more time for analysis and planning.
  • Valuable management reports are provided from data captured in the freight payment

Management Reports

  • Reports assist clients in budgeting, account allocation, analysis, planning, carrier¬†negotiation and cost reduction.
  • Reports are customized to client specifications at no additional cost.
  • Standard, customized as well as ad-hoc reporting available on our website 24/7.
  • Reporting available in a variety of formats such as Crystal Reports or Excel and may be downloaded into Excel, Access, Adobe or as a comma-delimited file.
  • Examples of typical reports include:
  • Carrier Summary Report (inbound and outbound, current and year-to-date) –
  • Number of shipments, weight, expense, cost per cwt and/or per mile
  • Financial/Accounting Allocation – By department, product, sales region, etc.
  • Carrier Billing Error Analysis
  • Data Reports – Prompt by Date (Excel Format)
  • Expedited Carrier Report
  • Routing Exception Report
  • Premium Freight Report
  • Accessorial reporting by carrier and type of charge
  • Inbound and Outbound Traffic Lanes – By city and state, or region
  • Private Fleet Report
  • Numerous Small Parcel/Package Reports Available