Compass Transportation Intelligence


Our new Compass Transportation Intelligence tool is now available on our clients’ portals.

This new tool provides access to all the information you want to see, in one place, such as year-to-date spend, spend by weight and month, summary by carrier, location by week, inbound vs outbound, EDI vs Manual by Carrier and so much more!

The benefits of having this information all in one place include:

  1. Efficient Freight Spend Management
  2. Access to Real-Time Data and Visibility
  3. Streamlined Auditing Processes
  4. Consistent Carrier Performance
  5. Meeting Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
  6. Easily Accessed Data Insights
  7. User-Approved

Learn more in our blog:

6 Reasons Compass Transportation Intelligence is the Ultimate Tool for Logistics Efficiency and Cost Savings

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